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Need a little kick? No problem! The nicotine bumper lets you share nicotine free juice with a non-nicotine using partner, or boost already nicotine-containing liquids for those really hard days – anything to keep you off the stinkies, right?The marking system is calibrated for use with a 60ml unit; ..
Nothing says sexy like a spluttering cough when a particularly strong flavour profile hits you in the throat! Bumper Smooth is designed to take the edge off that throat hit, and help you to enjoy an even inhale. Throat hit reduction is a science in itself and a very complex problem to solve. Althoug..
Booster Shot Sucralose Sweetener DIY Vape adds more Sweetener effect to Vape E-liquids, Boost your favorite E-liquids with this amazing vape additiveDosage: Add 1 to 5 DROPS of the Sucralose / Sweetener Booster Shot per 30ml E-liquid.Add more if you haven’t achieved the wanted effect, as you’ll alwa..
Brand: Vapology
Instructions for Nic Shot:Add a full bottle (10ml) to a 120ml bottle to increase Nicotine strength by 3mg.65 drops = 1mg..
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